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I found your data. It’s for sale.

By Geoffrey A. Fowler Technology columnist July 18 I’ve watched you check in for a flight and seen your doctor refilling a prescription. I’ve peeked inside corporate networks at reports on faulty rockets. If I wanted, I could’ve even opened a tax return you only shared with your accountant. I found your data because it’s for […]

Ransomware Hits Georgia Court System

Georgia court system hit by ransomware attack The extent of it is not yet clear. Author: Kaitlyn S Ross, Jonathan Raymond Published: 11:24 AM EDT July 1, 2019 Updated: 10:47 AM EDT July 2, 2019 ATLANTA — At least a portion of the digital information systems for Georgia’s court system has been taken offline by a ransomware attack […]

7 Truths About BEC Scams

7 Truths About BEC Scams Business email compromise attacks are growing in prevalence and creativity. Here’s a look at how they work, the latest stats, and some recent horror stories. Last summer, the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) sounded a loud alarm for organizations about the growing danger of business email compromise (BEC) scams. […]

Tracing the Supply Chain Attack on Andriod

25 JUN 19 Tracing the Supply Chain Attack on Android Earlier this month, Google disclosed that a supply chain attack by one of its vendors resulted in malicious software being pre-installed on millions of new budget Android devices. Google didn’t exactly name those responsible, but said it believes the offending vendor uses the nicknames “Yehuo” or “Blazefire.” What […]

6 Security Scams Set to Sweep This Summer

6 Security Scams Set to Sweep This Summer Kelly Sheridan Experts share the cybersecurity threats to watch for and advice to stay protected. We look forward to summer’s warm weather, travel plans, and maybe some added relaxation. Cybercriminals look forward to summer’s new opportunities for scams and targeted attacks. Seasonal threats aren’t new; for example, […]

Lone Wolf Scammer Built a Multifaceted BEC Cybercrime Operation

Lone Wolf’ Scammer Built a Multifaceted BEC Cybercrime Operation Kelly Jackson Higgins A one-man 419 scam evolved into a lucrative social-engineering syndicate over the past decade that conducts a combination of business email compromise, romance, and financial fraud. This wasn’t the first time the chief financial officer of email security vendor Agari had been targeted […]