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How the City of Angels is Tackling Cyber Devilry

A new mobile app makes a cybersecurity threat lab available to more small businesses in Los Angeles. (Image: likozor via Adobe Stock) Electricity. Water. Law enforcement. These are services companies and individuals expect to receive from municipal governments. The City of Los Angeles is adding another service to the list: cybersecurity intelligence. And some think the project […]

Spam in Your Calendar? Here’s What To Do.

Many spam trends are cyclical: Spammers tend to switch tactics when one method of hijacking your time and attention stops working. But periodically they circle back to old tricks, and few spam trends are as perennial as calendar spam, in which invitations to click on dodgy links show up unbidden in your digital calendar application […]

Fraudsters Deepfake CEO’s Voice to Trick Manager into Transferring $243,000

by RAVIE LAKSHMANAN — 3 days ago in SECURITY It’s already getting tough to discern real text from fake, genuine video from deepfake. Now, it appears that use of fake voice tech is on the rise too. That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, which reported the first ever case of AI-based voice fraud — aka vishing (short for “voice phishing”) — that cost a […]

The Rise of “Bulletproof” Residential Networks

The Rise of “Bulletproof” Residential Networks by KrebsSecurity Cybercrooks increasingly are anonymizing their malicious traffic by routing it through residential broadband and wireless data connections. Traditionally, those connections have been mainly hacked computers, mobile phones, or home routers. But this story is about so-called “bulletproof residential VPN services” that appear to be built by purchasing […]

The Risk of Weak Online Banking Passwords

Krebs on Security Brian Krebs The Risk of Weak Online Banking Passwords If you bank online and choose weak or re-used passwords, there’s a decent chance your account could be pilfered by cyberthieves — even if your bank offers multi-factor authentication as part of its login process. This story is about how crooks increasingly are […]

Why Every Organization Needs an Incident Response Plan

Kacy Zurkus Edge Articles Why Every Organization Needs an Incident Response Plan OK, perhaps that’s obvious. The question is, how come so many organizations still wait for something to happen to trigger their planning? It’s human nature to procrastinate, especially when people aren’t quite sure of the right way to approach a task. But when […]

Louisiana Declares Cybersecurity State of Emergency

Dark Reading Staff Louisiana Declares Cybersecurity State of Emergency A series of attacks on school district systems leads the governor to declare the state’s first cybersecurity state of emergency. Louisiana is no stranger to declarations of emergency, but it never had one for a cybersecurity emergency — until this week. A series of attacks on […]

I found your data. It’s for sale.

By Geoffrey A. Fowler Technology columnist July 18 I’ve watched you check in for a flight and seen your doctor refilling a prescription. I’ve peeked inside corporate networks at reports on faulty rockets. If I wanted, I could’ve even opened a tax return you only shared with your accountant. I found your data because it’s for […]

Ransomware Hits Georgia Court System

Georgia court system hit by ransomware attack The extent of it is not yet clear. Author: Kaitlyn S Ross, Jonathan Raymond Published: 11:24 AM EDT July 1, 2019 Updated: 10:47 AM EDT July 2, 2019 ATLANTA — At least a portion of the digital information systems for Georgia’s court system has been taken offline by a ransomware attack […]